Thursday, 24 July 2014

River Island Haul!

So, today I decided to go to River Island to treat myself to some new clothes. I LOVE River Islands style of clothing and I don't go there as much as I would like to! It's definitely my favourite High Street Clothing store, but it's very expensive so I can't afford to go there all the time.

The store was very quiet at the time, so I had the mens section of the store all to myself. I hate it when stores are packed with people, as it makes me a bit claustrophobic so I was delighted when it wasn't.

I didn't buy all that much, only 2 sweaters, a jersey and some bracelets.

(please ignore the price tags I took these in the dressing room awkward).

Black Floral Jersey - €25

Grey Sweather - €20

Black Floral Sweather - €18 (Half Price Sale)

Black Bracelets - €10

Overall I'm very happy with my purchases today. I saved up a lot of my own money to finally buy some River Island clothes and I'm delighted with the result.


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